I can tell that we’re going to be friends

I’m Martina, a full-stack product designer who draws from psychology, art, and tech to craft digital services that are accessible and innovative.

I hold a B.S./B.F.A. from Tufts University, and recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Master in Human-Computer Interaction. In my lifelong pursuit of learning what makes people tick, I’ve taken on leadership roles in educational tech, film production, customer service, and non-profit outreach.

I take pride in being a collaborative and adaptable design leader, and excel at bringing all types of stakeholders into an agile, iterative design process. I strive to apply best practices in HCI to enhance learning and well-being for all people.

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A photo of Martina in a black dress with bright green floral patterns, holding a small pickle and smiling
helping people out of pickles and eating them too!

what else? I contain multitudes...

I'm a perpetual east coaster

I grew up in Mount Laurel, NJ and attended schools in Boston and Pittsburgh. If you ask me to choose Eagles versus Patriots, I’ll usually go with the team I think you like.

I'm an interdisciplinary learner

In undergrad, I studied Cognitive Science and Studio Art with some Computer Science on the side. I practiced film production and UX design through clubs and hackathons.

A photo of Martina wearing a black graduation cap and gown, in front of a large elephant statue (Jumbo, the Tufts mascot)
I earned my degrees in 2021 (go ‘bos!) and 2022

I'm a data-driven designer

None of my work exists in a vacuum—it depends on frequent input from stakeholders and other humans, which I analyze using psych & design research principles.

I'm a product strategist

My favorite thing to do is help others achieve goals and make things happen. If you bring up plans around me, you can count on me to start prioritizing and delegating tasks.

Martina points at a printout on a board filled with design notes, while her team listens attentively
Presenting research analysis to my MHCI capstone team

I'm a naturalist & artist at heart

As a kid, my dream job was zookeeper. As an adult, I take creative inspiration from the natural world around me. My BFA thesis even focused on tree bark and recycled paper!

I'm a sci-fi & fantasy devotee

I’m obsessed with how fictional worlds can reflect our understanding of society. Stories like Doctor Who, Parable of the Sower, and The Hunger Games really tickle my brain.

Martina in a woody area, drawing a tree's bark pattern on a sheet of paper wrapped around the tree itself
A still from a time lapse of an in-progress, site-specific drawing in Boston

what I'm up to now


  • martina’s 2022 faves – one of my many playlists
  • The Magnus Archives – horror anthology podcast
  • Nature Talks to Itself - A silly podcast where a rock and a leaf chat with guests from the great outdoors!


  • Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (2021) - I’m still not over this movie
  • Dimension 20 on Dropout - funny people playing Dungeons and Dragons with a delightful amount of emotional depth


  • True Biz by Sara Nović – a novel about three lives colliding at a Deaf school
  • Year of the Tiger by disability activist Alice Wong


  • Hades - a fresh and addicting spin on Greek mythology
  • Wingspan - a board game that’s all about birds!


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